There is then another change of scene to the next workshop. Fig.17 is filing knife handles and shows knives on the work board, files, and ‘purses’ or drills in the rack, and a three-legged stool under the work board.  The next, fig. 18, is of an older man seated filling the knife handle with a compound, before fixing the knife blade. A lad, fig.19, has brought in his father’s dinner and stands watching intently.  Fig.20 is seated at the glazing frame polishing a knife handle or, as the cutlers call it, ‘dollying’.  After this, we may suppose the next two figures, 21 and 22, are exhorting a younger member of the craft to pay due respect to age. Fig 23 has a boring stick in his hand for drilling holes in the knife handle, and is listening to the remarks of the others. The next youth, fig. 24 is scraping or ‘shaving’ the knife handles with a piece of flat steel.  The next man, fig.25 is riveting the knife handles and fig.26 is wiping off the finished work and holding one up to the light to see if it is true.

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