Creswick, Norah 19thDec 1883-30th April 1976

Creswick, Benjamin 1856 – 1943

Creswick, Charles son of Benjamin 1883 born Holly Place Enfield d, 1965 Edinburgh.

Creswick, Edith (Clews) Daughter of Benjamin

Creswick, Godfrey Son of Benjamin

Creswick Jack (John?)  Son of Benjamin came to Edinburgh 19

Creswick Mary daughter of Benjamin

Creswick William Son of Benjamin

Letter from Mrs Joy Murray 12-5-82 list of above to Lianne Hackett

Davison T Raffles Birmingham Architect ‘fan’ of Benjamin wrote in the Architect’s Journal and was syndicated through Sheffield papers comprehensive articles about Benjamin’s life and work

Bunce Thackray Ruskin devotee and was on the committee of the Birmingham School of Art  ‘in the school itself Kendrick and Bunce encouraged the teaching of crafts because both Ruskinian idealism and civic responsibility called for it’  from Alan Crawsford’s By Hammer and Hand which is a fascinating record of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Birmingham which I cannot recommend highly enough see bibliography ,I have bought it on Amazon it is ssadly out of print.

Dearden James D.LITT. (HON) The Drector of Ruskin Affairs and Past Master of the Guild of St George mr Dearden has been a great source of information on the Ruskin Potrait busts both through his book John Ruskin A life in Pictures and with helpful advice generally

Denman M.  Ruskin Hall Bournville, Bournville School of Art. Notes of LH? 1982/3ish with Mike Mc Grath

Green Charles  “A founder member of the Sheffield Society of Artists in 1874, although he did not exhibit until 1878.  John Ruskin thought highly of him, and invited him to the first meeting of the Ruskin Museum……Green was a keen collector of information about Sheffield artists, sculptors and craftspeople,”

Quoted from Graves Susan, Sheffield School of Art.  A Short account of The Art Scene in Sheffield 1843-1900.

Sheffield Local History Library shelf number 709.4274.SQ

MrsLianne Hackett     Researcher, Friend, Mentor, one woman support groupReferred to in the text (LH)

Lt. Col. Lomas Henry Dent.  1819-1901 mentioned by T Raffles Davison in an article in the Sheffield Independent 4th May 1887 syndicated from the British Architect, as being an architect who had given unspecified help to Creswick and opened his library of Art books to him.  He is then further documented as having been a teacher at the Sheffield school of Art, an officer in the First West York engineer Volunteers, and an architect, surveyor and engineer in private practice.  The same paper describes his major works which include the Hallamshire Bank in Church Street Sheffield.  (See cross references)  Lomas is the subject of a letter to an unknown newspaper by Charles Green who reports the presence of Creswick at Lomas funeral in 1901.  Lomas is described as

“Devoted to the early students of the school (Sheffield School of Art) and to the members of the Engineering Corps.  He was deeply beloved by all,……….Many a poor artisan his early days had a helping hand  from him”

So it would seem Creswick was not the only one to benefit from Lomas kind heartedness.

“He took a keen interest in the late Read Turner and all his works

Viljoen Professor Helen Gill, deceased Queens College Flushing 67 NY

Correspondence with Charles Creswick in 1961 Researching the Brantwood Diaries published 1971The Brantwood Diaries of John Ruskin, together with selected related letters and sketches of persons mentioned, edited and annotated by Helen Gill Viljoen. Yale U.P.   New Haven and London.

Turner Read 1838-1896 studied at Sheffield School of Art 1855-1861

“Painter in watercolour of architectural landscapes and local scenes, artist teacher of drawing he taught at the Sheffield School of Art, the mechanics institute and privately.  He was active in the Volunteer Movement in Sheffield and joined the Royal Engineers, founder member of the Sheffield Society of Artists.”

Quoted from Willis Hilary

Portrait and biographical article in Newspaper cuttings relating to Sheffield Vol 49  942.74S

Watt Quintin author of the Bromsgrove Guild and member of the Bromsgrove Socity,